Spring Is The Perfect Time For Carpet Cleaning

September 27, 2017

Carpet Cleaning Time! Spruce Up for Spring!

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Spring is just around the corner and if you are like millions of other people out there, you will likely be doing some spring cleaning both inside and outside of your home or business. There is just nothing like a freshly cleaned and organized home; cleaning your carpets should also be a part of your spring cleaning routine.

Whether you only have one room that is carpeted or your entire house is carpeted, you should get yourself in the habit of having the carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Spring is a great time to have them cleaned because you are already in the mode for sprucing up your home; it is only natural to include having the carpets professionally cleaned into your spring cleaning routine.

Carpet Basics

Most homes and businesses have carpeting for a few reasons; carpet has been proven to reduce indoor allergens when compared to hardwood, tile or laminate flooring, carpet is a great insulator and helps to lower energy costs for the home or business and carpet is sometimes used to enhance the décor of a room. In addition, it is also great to have if there are small children in the home because it is a lot softer to fall on than hardwood, laminate or tile flooring.

Carpet comes in many different styles, textures, colors and prices. No matter which you have chosen to put in your home or business, the carpet is an investment. If properly maintained, your carpet can last for many years. Likewise, if the carpet is not properly maintained, you may find yourself replacing it sooner than you can afford.

Carpet Cleaning

It is not hard to take care of your carpets; general maintenance such as vacuuming will help to clean your carpets. Unfortunately, though, vacuuming will not get the dirt and debris that is trapped deep within your carpet fibers and down to the padding. If you don’t thoroughly have the carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year, you will find that your carpet will not only change it’s appearance due to wear and tear, but it will begin to cause odors in your home.

There are several contributing factors that will affect the appearance, the smell and the texture of your carpets, including:

  • Vapors from cooking
  • Smoke from cigarettes or pipes
  • Various pollution in the air
  • Dirt and debris tracked in by people and pets
  • Various accidents and spills

Professional Carpet Cleaning

While you may be able to spot clean your carpets with a home carpet cleaning machine, the only way to get the carpets properly cleaned is to let a professional do your dirty work. A professional carpet cleaning service (Whip City Cleaning) offers specialists that have been trained in all of the latest cleaning supplies and techniques. The professionals know how to determining exactly what kind of carpet you have and knowing that will help them to decide which cleaning agent is going to clean the carpets properly.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment was designed specifically for deep cleaning the carpets in homes and businesses. These machines are more powerful than any of the home model carpet cleaning machines. These machines use the “steam method” of cleaning to ensure that every inch of your carpet is cleaned thoroughly and effectively.

Trust your carpet to the experts

There are many companies you can call to clean your carpet. Whip City Cleaning & Restoration has been leading the way in both superior quality and carpet cleaning innovation for 25 years. True customer satisfaction and going above and beyond your expectations has and always will be our greatest trademark.

To schedule an appointment or if we can answer any questions please call WHIP CITY CLEANING & RESTORATION  at 413-568-6680

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